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How Often Should You Update Your Business Signs?

Business signs are essential to your company’s marketing efforts. After all, signs tell your customers what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.


Outdated signs aren’t going to help you form new customer relationships. But how can you tell when it’s time to give your business signs a face-lift?

What Type of Environment Does Your Sign Endure?

Utah business owners face a particular challenge: the weather. The sun beats down relentlessly for half of the year, then the snow and wind wreaks havoc on your sign for the other half.

Signs wear differently based on their environment. Your business sign’s life span will be shortened by weather extremes, which you’re probably familiar with as a Utah resident.

Check your business signs for wear — if they’re faded, rusting, or peeling, you’ll want to think about replacement. You can also upgrade sign material to something more durable and long-lasting, so your next update won’t be needed for some time.

Are You Changing Branding on Other Platforms?

Are you toying with the idea of revamping your logo? Are you changing your motto? Are you rebranding in an effort to capture a new corner of the market?

Whenever you update your branding on other platforms, such as your website or packaging, your signage should follow. The message you send to consumers should be identical across all channels of communication.

How Do Customers Perceive Your Business?

Even if your signs are standing the test of time perfectly and you haven’t made changes to any internal graphics or branding, it might still be time to update signage.

If you aren’t getting the response you’re hoping for from your target market, a sign redesign could be the jump-start your business needs to get back in the game. Influencing customer perception is critical when you’re aiming for a marketing goal, and new signage goes a long way toward helping you reach those goals.

Is it Easy to Update Signage?

The thought of tackling a redesign of your business signs may sound intimidating, but the process isn’t difficult — in fact, it can even be fun! And if you’re just looking to change vehicle wraps or vinyl window decals, it’s easy to change out one for another.

The major part of the project is altering your actual storefront sign. But when you work with a professional design team, you can easily achieve uniform quality and branding in every category.

At M Graphics & Signs, our creative team is ready to help update your business signs. Call today and get started transforming your old signage with a new, eye-catching design.

Vinyl Banners Can Help Market Your Business

Vinyl banners are effective tools for businesses and organizations to advertise specials, events and grand openings. They’re eye-catching and informative, making them useful for a wide range of purposes.

vinyl banners

Whether you want to spread the word about an upcoming sports tournament or advertise a holiday sale, vinyl banners can help.

Easy to Hang

One of the top reasons companies opt for vinyl banners is ease of installation. No power tools are needed to install this type of lightweight sign. All you need is durable string or rope and a place to hang it. No permits are required, and you can take it down quickly once you don’t have a need for it anymore.

Share Lots of Information

You can design your banner to be as large or as small as you’d like. Many customers opt for larger sizes, since they allow more space for additional information. A professional design shop will help you make sure the size of the sign is right for the amount of information you would like to share.

Significant Visibility

Everyone in the vicinity can see a large banner, from passing cars to strolling pedestrians. If you think about the number of impressions you’ll make with the sign, it’s clear to see that it’s a highly cost-effective option with a significant return on investment.

Reusable and Versatile

Vinyl banners can be reused year after year. And you don’t have to only hang them outdoors. Hang them inside your building too to advertise sales and deals to customers. It’s one of the most versatile types of signs available.

Durable Investment

Because of the heavy-duty material, you don’t have to worry about the sign degrading anytime soon. It will hold up to the elements and retain its color and graphics well. You will be making a long-term investment in a sturdy marketing tool.

Add a Custom Touch

Vinyl banners are 100 percent customizable. You don’t have to use stock graphics — you can add your company’s logo and colors. Make it align with your brand and other marketing materials so it’s even more memorable and effective when spreading your message.

At M Graphics & Signs, our large-format printing capability ensures that the vinyl banners we produce are high quality. Contact us today for more information and a free estimate. We work with you every step of the way, from putting together an attractive design to finding just the right location to hang your new sign.

Business Signs Are an Important Marketing Tool

Designing business signs for your company isn’t just a formality. It’s one of the most important marketing decisions you can make. It could be the deciding factor between success and failure.

business signs

You think that’s an exaggeration? The data backs up the claim that attractive business signs are a marketing must, especially for small businesses looking to create a large customer base in the local community. Your paid ad may only reach the customers who are actively looking for your services, but thousands of people will drive by your business every day.

The U.S. Small Business Administration claims that signage delivers the highest return on investment because it’s the least-expensive marketing effort, but has the largest potential payoff, especially for a retail company. You need a well-designed, attractive business sign.

Great Signs Increase Visitors and Impressions

Eight out of 10 Americans have entered a store based on their interest in the sign alone. In addition, 42 percent of women go into a store for the first time based on the sign. Thirty-one percent of men do the same. Ultimately, this statistic says it all: 68 percent (almost seven out of 10) consumers purchased something because a business sign sparked their interest.

Even if they don’t come in to the store right away, business signs help potential customers remember where you are and who you are. Seventy-nine percent remember a business because of their sign, and 75 percent tell someone else about a business after seeing their sign.

Overall, business signs work strongly in your favor when you’re trying to get more customers in the door, and isn’t that what marketing is all about?

Four Bad Characteristics That Drive Customers Away

Whether you believe it’s true or not, the quality of business signs reflects the quality of the product or service being sold.

What keeps customers away? Signs with misspelled words and bad grammar, offensive messages, and signs that are dirty or poorly made. You need impeccable spelling; a clear, friendly message; an aesthetically pleasing design; and superior quality. Otherwise, customers aren’t going to give your company a second look.

What Should Your Sign Include?

What information should be included on business signs? Not much. In fact, the shorter and more concise the message, the better. Ninety percent of customers are looking for readability, 77 percent are looking for a sign that’s visually appealing and 72 percent are looking for a brightly colored sign.

You get to decide how you want to incorporate these statistics while you think about ideas for your business sign’s design, and you can depend on M Graphics & Signs for assistance. Our portfolio details the successful design and installation of countless business signs, and your company will benefit from our perfect blend of skill and creativity. Call today for a free estimate.

Window Graphics Entice New Customers

Using window graphics is the perfect way to take advantage of the advertising space you’re already paying for: your windows.

window graphics

If you have a boring storefront, who’s going to want to come inside? Even if customers notice your building, they won’t be enticed to take a closer look. With window graphics, you can turn disinterest into anticipation.

Here are five reasons to design and install window graphics at your Utah business:

1. Educate the Uninformed

If your business name doesn’t fully describe what you offer, then a creative, informative window display can help educate your customers so they’ll buy.

Even if the service you provide is obvious, you can use this opportunity to advertise what sets you apart from your competitors. Not only are window graphics themselves unique, but they help your company stand out from the crowd as well.

2. Add an Element of Mystery

Window graphics hide what’s happening behind your doors. When potential customers passing by can’t quite see everything that’s going on inside, they may be more likely to step in for a moment and check out what you have to offer.

3. Provide Interior Privacy

If your lobby has floor-to-ceiling windows, you don’t get much privacy. A display that covers the glass can double as a privacy screen. You can still see outside, but you’re less exposed to watchful eyes.

4. Rotate Designs Based on Sales and Seasons

Since they are easy to take down and put back up, you don’t have to keep the same window graphic up all year. Unlike window paint, which has to be painstakingly scraped off, window graphics can be peeled off and reapplied in just a few minutes.

When your products, services or sales change as the seasons go by, order a new graphic and attract new customers all over again.

5. Make the Most of Your Advertising Budget

Think about the cost of digital, television and radio advertising. Since you’ve already paid the bill for your building, why not utilize your storefront as an advertising medium?

Window displays are low-cost and versatile, making them an ideal choice when you want to maximize your marketing budget and see the highest return on investment.

M Graphics & Signs designs creative window displays for businesses of all industries. Call today to get a free quote for your next project, and transform the look of your business with the help of window graphics.

Install a Customized Mall Sign to Stand Out in the Crowd

A striking mall sign could be the difference between making a sale and getting overlooked yet again by another passing customer.

Custom Mall Signs

When oblivious shoppers are leisurely walking through the mall, how do you call out to them and grab their attention? It starts with designing appealing signage that sets you apart from every other storefront.

Nonverbal Communication

Believe it or not, your mall sign’s design tells potential customers a lot more about your business than you realize. According to research by FedEx, 76 percent of consumers will enter a store they’ve never heard of before simply because they’re drawn to the sign.

It doesn’t just get customers in the door — it also tells them what to expect from your company as well. Sixty-eight percent of consumers believe the quality of a business sign directly relates to the quality of the products or services they offer.

Business signage is often the only communication you have with potential customers — it matters.

Increase Brand Reach

Do your brand a favor — model your sign after your other marketing materials.

If mall shoppers have seen your ads online or in print, their eye may be even more drawn to your sign. As with all types of signage, one of the main goals is to further the influence of your company’s brand. You want to be recognizable and familiar to potential customers long before they set foot in your mall store.

Consider Color and Size

You want dynamic, contrasting colors in your sign design. You also want to make sure the sign has the right dimensions. Too big comes across as obnoxious; too small and you won’t stand out. This is where it helps to have professional design help during the creative process.

Light it Up

A mall sign isn’t complete without illumination. A front-lit sign emits light directly from the design. A backlit sign creates a halo effect around the design. You can also use a combination of both illumination options — whatever it takes to provide the alluring presence you’re going for.

Is it Time for a Refresh?

Is your current mall sign outdated?

When you have a storefront in a mall, you have the unique benefit of daily exposure to foot traffic. Don’t let the opportunity to draw in new customers pass you by. Creating an eye-catching mall sign is easy when you trust M Graphics & Signs. Take full advantage of a creative team that’s ready to design and craft a mall sign to set you apart from neighboring stores. Call today to set up a consultation.

Why Do You Need an Interior Lobby Sign?

Is an interior lobby sign necessary? You’ve invested a significant amount of money in exterior signage. Your customers know who you are — that’s why they’re visiting your office.

Interior Lobby Sign

What could possibly be gained from an installing an interior lobby sign?

The Power of the First Impression

Here’s the first fact you should know about professional signage: It only makes you look good. And when you have clients visiting your office for the first time, you want to do everything in your power to reassure them that you are the professional provider they are looking for.

When they walk into your office and see a custom-made, beautiful sign, the impression is powerful. It shows that you take pride in what your company stands for.

Establish Authority

An interior lobby sign also helps your business establish authority in your field. Your clients aren’t visiting just another bland office. They can see that you make it a priority to invest in your business.

A business that’s well-established and authoritative is a company they can trust. You aren’t going to pack up and close down all of a sudden. You will continue to provide them the services they need into the future.

Create a Distinctive Brand

You can ensure your sign includes your logo and all the colors and graphics present in the rest of your marketing materials. That way, your office visitors get a strong reminder of your company’s identity every time they enter the lobby.

Creating brand awareness is one of the most important ways to position your business as a long-term contender in your market. Your customers will consider you first when they have a need for your product or service.

Customize Your Sign

Do not pay a sign design company to deliver a standard, cookie-cutter sign. You should invest in a product that is as unique and dynamic as your company. Make sure you find a sign design company that will help you stand out from your competitors, not blend in.

With a quality, customized sign, your customers will see legitimacy and value with one glance. A bad design is more than a waste of money — it communicates the wrong message to your clients and can be detrimental to future success.

Choose a material that exemplifies the values you’re trying to express. Metal, wood, foam and acrylic each offer a different look, and with the right fabrication team, your logo and business name will pop.

At M Graphics & Signs, your sign is designed with your input. Improve your clients’ impression and take your business to the next level — get a free quote for an interior lobby sign today.

Vehicle Graphics: Promote Your Business from Behind the Wheel

Vehicle graphics — they’re not just a flashy car upgrade. They’re a way to use your marketing budget effectively.

Vehicle Wrap

Running ad campaigns on TV, radio and the internet isn’t ineffective, it’s just expensive. You pay a high price to hopefully get your business’ information out to the right customers.

Vehicle graphics help you increase impressions significantly without the high cost associated with traditional advertising.

Would installing vehicle graphics get you the results you’re looking for?

Get Wide Exposure at an Affordable Price

Consider how many drivers are on the road each day. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the average driver clocks 13,476 miles per year. That’s over 250 miles per week. Now think about all the pedestrians who will see your vehicle. Then think about all the people who will see your company’s information when your truck is parked in a lot.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that because of the sheer number of drivers on the road, vehicle graphics have the power to produce 70,000 impressions per day, per vehicle. Now picture that same design on every single car or truck in your business’ fleet. That’s a significant number of impressions per day, per week and per year, all for one low, affordable price.

Enhance Brand Recognition in Your Community

When you drive around town with vehicle graphics on your car, you’re concentrating the impressions within your community. You’re targeting the people who are most likely to use your service or purchase your product, because you’re local.

When potential customers see your vehicle out and driving around the neighborhood, you build trust. They believe their friends and neighbors — people just like them — are relying on your company, so why shouldn’t they?

Your local customer base might not recognize your brand on the local television channels or by listening to the radio, but they’re probably going to see your car at some point. When your graphic design mirrors your other marketing materials, you’re encouraging brand awareness on other marketing platforms as well.

Write Off the Expense

Tax season is tricky for businesses with vehicles. It’s challenging to track miles, tolls, gas and maintenance. When you install vehicle graphics, you get to write off this entire expense because it’s completely related to business.

Make sure you depend on a trained professional for design and installation. Call M Graphics & Signs today and share your thoughts with an expert. M Graphics & Signs understands the value of vehicle graphics and works with your ideas to produce the eye-catching, impressionable message you envision for your car.

Dynamic Interior Wall Graphics Add Life to Your Office

Interior wall graphics are designed to draw attention toward a colorful image or entertaining marketing message. They can be of any size and installed on nearly any surface.

Interior Wall Graphics


Whether you’re looking for a way to perk up the atmosphere in your business’ lobby or create a relaxing environment for an office, interior wall graphics can help.

Use Color to Inspire

It’s a proven fact that different colors affect the brain in certain ways.

For example, green promotes a sense of calm and blue promotes increased focus. You might not want to paint your entire office green or blue — it would be time-consuming and costly — but you can invest in graphics that make use of these colors.

They’re also removable, so you can put them on and take them off in a rented space without worrying about the impact on the paint.

Use Wall Space to Spread Your Brand

Don’t let that blank wall go to waste. Hanging a framed picture can help break up the monotony of a plain white surface, but what does that do to further your business goals?

Wall graphics can replicate your logo or offer more information about your services. An informative, fun graphic does much more to promote your brand than boring white space inside your lobby or waiting room.

Give Your Office a Modern Touch

So the building your business is in doesn’t look modern on the outside. That’s OK — you can transform the inside so your visitors get a different impression the moment they walk through the door.

Graphics are modern and show that you give consideration to your image. Presenting your organization as contemporary can attract a younger customer base.

Focus on Interaction and Fun

Interior wall graphics are dynamic. You can create interactive wall scenes that encourage visitors to go to your website or ask your employees about additional service offerings.

Installing them in schools can help increase children’s excitement for learning and activity. Whatever your goal, tell your sign designers so they can incorporate the fun elements you’re looking for.

Do You Have More Questions?

M Graphics & Signs designs and installs interior wall graphics that inspire and amaze. Even though it may seem straightforward, installing a graphic requires precision and knowledge of the best materials.

Do you have an idea for a vibrant wall graphic? Would you like to see what industry experts can produce based on your brand’s message and logo? Contact the team at M Graphics & Signs today to see examples of interior wall graphics, and get a clearer picture of how this type of signage could transform your office environment.

Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Channel Lettering Sign

A channel lettering sign is a dynamic addition to your storefront. Whether you’re building a new business from the ground up or you recognize that it’s time to replace your outdated signage, a channel lettering sign could be the answer.

Channel Lettering

Here are three reasons channel lettering signs are a top sign choice for businesses looking to use the power of signage to reach new clients and improve visibility in their community:

Better Logo and Brand Recognition

A channel lettering sign gives you the power to accurately recreate your company’s logo — in 3D. You don’t have to settle for a two-dimensional representation of the colorful, bright, original company name and logo. This type of sign is crafted with precision and detail, and when you trust a qualified sign designer, your trademark is remade as an exciting new version of your original logo.

Accuracy is important not just because you like your original logo — it’s important for your customers. When they see the same logo across multiple platforms, it helps to solidify your brand’s image.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

Since channel lettering signs are usually crafted from aluminum, they are lightweight and long-lasting. They don’t rust. You can trust they’ll stand up to any type of weather. When you want to spend money on a sign that’s going to need little maintenance over the long term, channel lettering is a top option.

Design Control

You can have a lot of power over this type of sign’s design process, deciding how you’d like it lit — back-lit, front-lit, etc. You can choose the size, what type of mounting you’d like and which material you want it made from. There is no end to the creativity you can bring to the project, especially when you are working with a sign company that has an ultimate goal of bringing your vision to life.

What Else Should I Know?

When you’re reviewing your options, make sure you ask about the illumination specifics. The best, most energy-efficient way to illuminate your new sign is through LED technology. Even though it may cost a bit more than neon up front, it requires less maintenance and uses less electricity throughout the life of the sign, making it the smarter investment choice.

Remember to consider the permitting process for erecting a business sign. Make sure you have the paperwork in order, or work with a sign design and install company that can take care of this for you.

M Graphics & Signs has been serving the Salt Lake City region since 1999. Our team’s expertise and creativity make us the ideal sign fabrication company to work on your business’ channel lettering sign project.